Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Warhead reviews

"Very nice! I especially like the way it has the traditional "Oh, no, Dalek!" cliffhanger. Seriously, with Dalek stories you knew what the cliffhanger would be as soon as you saw the title. Dramatically it doesn't really make sense but as a fanboy I just love it. Of course, I still haven't actually seen the original, but once I do I'm sure I'll appreciate the difference. I can imagine the spacestation crew aren't nearly as much fun, for one thing. Words fail in describing my thoughts on the Doctor's dream montage. Watching it on TV... what springs to mind is a bizarre cocktail of so-camp-you-get-slightly-embarassed-watching-it, unbearably funny, just plain weird, and heart-warming. So, in short, I think it's perfect!"
- Jared Hansen

"Interesting. Good. Very good, in fact. Looks fine to me. Neat. WOW! Brilliant! Lytton's nasty. WHY DIDN'T WE GET THAT ON SCREEN????????????? Oooooooooh... Interesting character development and set up there. Chilling. Reads well. Much better than Eric's. WOW!!!!! THE DOCTOR IS CENTRE OF THE PLOT AND GETS TO INTERACT WITH MORE OF THE GUEST CAST!!!!!!!!!! SEE ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is fun! That bit sounds very foreboding. Now THAT makes Davros' escape much, much clearer. Aww, poor Tegan.... Very downbeat. Very enjoyable work. Excellent! At last!"
- Cameron J Mason

"Dear oh dear. A character called Tarrant. How Nation of you Ewen. :) I like it. Even the use of Kamelion. A nice way to intgrate him into the story that WAS used in his final story (get an actor to play the role)."
- Daniel W

"Not exactly different from the original in many ways and the dialogue suffers from colloquialisms. It is innappropriate for an early 80s 5th Doctor story - more suited tothe new series. As far as Resurrection is concerned the only minor flaws I remember is thetitle which gives away that the Daleks are in it and the fact that Davros isn't sinister enough. Explaining minor points like those detracts from the main story. Foreshadowing spoils the surprise at the end. Minor characters don't need dialogue, names or personality. The lack of smoking is political correctness. Admittedly the Daleks being kept in the shadows until the cliffhanger an improvement - I'll give you this, and the army in the warehouse too. Much better."
- Sparacus

"Lmao over the outtake! Nerdy references are great, though, aren't they? But that would have been fan-flippin-tastic, Mel Smith and Davison as companion-and-Doctor combo! Once again I'm yearning for the parallel universe where all these crazy scripts we wrote actually got made into celluloid..."
- Jared Hansen again

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