Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Next Time: The Twin Dilemma

(The logo forms)


(The Minister reviews the situation.)

MINISTER: 13 SI troopers murdered. One missing in action. The Sylvest Twins kidnapped. All under your very nose by Jacondan insurgents.

(The Doctor moves through the ruined city.)

DOCTOR: (VO) If we perish on Joconda it will not be because of our own belief we cannot win through.

(The Doctor is talking with Azmael.)

DOCTOR: I’ve encountered plenty of power-mad megolomaniacs before. This one just happens to be a slug with delusions of grandeur.

AZMAEL: How many slugs have you met that can walk around, read minds and control gravity?

DOCTOR: Thirteen. Next question

(Romulus and Remus play backgammon.)

(Energy surges out of Mestor on his throne.)

(Fast forward as the Doctor smashes the TARDIS console with a hammer and runs for it.)

MESTOR: (VO) You are merely egocentric, willful and quite, quite mad.

(The Doctor spins around and points accusingly.)

DOCTOR: You doctrinaire! You back-stabbing treacherous coward!

(Azmael opens the revitalizer.)

(The Gravis waves its tentacles. The guards collapse, fast forward.)

DOCTOR: (VO) And I’ll destroy your kind, Mestor... every last... one!

(The Doctor peers through the air duct.)

(The Doctor double takes.)

NOMA: (VO) This Time Lord is a merciful being who believes in the sanctity of life. I do not.

(Mestor's face changes colour - blue, green, red, purple...)

(Colours change as the Doctor stares at his shattered reflection.)

(Mestor fires a blast of mental energy at Azmael who convulses while the Doctor watches on, helpless.)

HUGO: (VO) Too late, Doctor. This is where I win. This is where you die. And you cannot prevent it from happening.

DOCTOR: You’d be surprised how many people tell me that.

(The Doctor hurls a bottle at Mestor, which explodes. Drak watches on.)

(The fleet opens fire.)

(The reinforcement troopers are surrounded by laughing zombies.)

(The zombies close in on the fleeing Minister and Fabian.)

DOCTOR: (VO) Arrogance? If there’s anyone being arrogant, it’s you, you ichthyophagous parasite!

(The TARDIS scanner opens to show the forest.)

(Space ships explode.)

(Hugo and Peri recoil.)

DOCTOR: I’ve decided to prioritize saving the universe over soothing the irretrievably damaged ego of a spoiled American brat like you!

(The zombie Jacondans rise out of the grass.)

(Hugo, the Minister and Fabian flee down the passages of the palace.)

MESTOR: (VO) All possible futures are collapsing. Events are leading to one moment... the moment of transcendence will occur. And as of that moment, every living thing in this universe will be my creature, bound to my will and nothing else!!

(The Doctor is panicked.)


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