Friday, March 9, 2007

The Twin Dilemma Cover


by Ewen Campion-Clarke

based on the scripts by Eric Saward and Anthony Stevens
Tractators were created by Christopher H Bidmead

"And is this how it ends? No glorious fight, no victory... If we do die here, no one will even know what happened to us. We just disappeared one day and never came back."

Landing the TARDIS at a top-security installation on Earth, the newly-regenerated Doctor and Peri witness the kidnapping of the twins Romulus and Remus, famed for their mathematical genius, by a squad of Jocondans who continue their mission even after they are killed in the attempt.

Who is the Time Lord aiding them? What is his connection to the Doctor's past? Why are the Earth authorities desperate to declare war on Joconda? Why is the verdant planet now starving and populated by the living dead? And what is Mestor the Magnificent?

Only the Doctor can stop these complicated planetary events from devastating the universe.

But the Doctor is losing his mind...

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