Saturday, September 1, 2007

Where are the bloody updates?

This blog is gathering dust, but trust me, it's not half as neglected as other. I've been juggling job searching, artwork, YOA scripts, Ben Chatham spoofs and watching the new series (which I hope everyone noticed ripped off my work to a truly astonishing degree... again).

So... status report, helmsman.

C-Day - done

The Apocalypse - episode one finished, work on remainder done. Crucially, the last episode was lost between data streams when it was halfway finished, and having to start from scratch killed the mood somewhat. Yes, I know, hahah, Tenth Planet 4 is cursed, get over it!

Warhead of the Daleks - done

The Twin Dilemma - done

Attack of the Cybermen - episode one finished, episode two begun, work on remainder underway. Not my department, but trust me, it will be worth the wait. Even if it's never finished.

Vengeance on Varos - plotted out, no episodes finished. Not my department, but TWICE as fecking disturbing as I thought it would be.

Hex - No idea.

The Enemy Within - done. Of course, RTD then had to gangrape it...

Bid Time Return - despite the unjust antipathy of Outpost Gallifrey towards Movellans, this is all plotted out and huge, HUGE chunks written. I just keep finding better things to do...

SlipBack - cancelled. Miles had too little enthusiasm, I had too much. These things happen.

To Catch A Thief - episode one almost finished. The rest of the story... well, who knows? Historicals are hard to write for a reason, people, and the quality of what you've got should shut you up.

The Chase of Pathos - well, trying to write a topical historical with Mel is even harder...

Twilight of the Living - cancelled. To be brutally honest, you didn't miss much.

The Riddle of the Styx - no idea.

Only A Matter of Time - thought about. A last minute replacement it is in fact four one-episode stories with a linked theme of the Doctor and Peri bouncing through Mondasian History at the Dawn of the Cybermen. Yeah, so it spoils the twist, this ain't going to be written any time soon, and it needs The Apocalypse to be finished before I can start on the latter episodes.
Into the Fire: with twelve hours before the end of the world, the Doctor and Peri are trapped on a world gone mad as everyone faces the end in different ways.
Rust Never Sleeps: the TARDIS encounters the survivors in their underground cavern and what life has become
Iron Legion: An experimental convert goes Frankenstien crazy
Soul's End: Dega releases the Cybermen onto Mondas as history ends.

Legacy of the Borad - still on the cards, but now the author has SEEN the genuine article... well... you can imagine...

The Song of the Space Whale - episodes one and two done, episode three planned out. It'll mean reading Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma. You see the strain I have to go through

In The Hollows of Time - no idea at all. Cam's secretive, can you tell?

The End of the Road - done. Doesn't anyone notice?

Arcade Games - pretty much gone the way of the original, though I did map out some kickass ideas to improve the plot. Could go either way, people.

and, just to annoy you, some stories from the alt Season 23 that will never be written

Invasion from Beyond - Mel, the Brigadier, UNIT, some other stuff!

Tomb of the Daleks - the Dalek/Movellan war heats up, Davros isn't as dead as we thought, and Mel takes a trip in the TARDIS

Yellow Fever And How To Cure It - Miles Ried, imagination is no obstacle...

MindWarp - "so dark you need a fucking flashlight" as Jared daintily put it, this story makes a lot more sense and God DAMN It you will wish it didn't. Chris Boucher would try and cheer this up...

Of course, I did a bit of Torchwood. But it's not enough. It's never enough.